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Public & Home School Pod Sessions

Taking Root serves local schools and homeschool families. Taking Root offers a safe inclusive environment for hands on learning, mindfulness activities, while being immersed in nature. Students will gain tools to help regulate their nervous system with breathing exercises and meditations, social skills, and movement such as yoga and nature walks outside receiving the natural benefits nature has to offer.

Students that may benefit would be those with a history of trauma, those with anxiety, depression, high stress levels, hyperactivity, and/or those needing more connection to themselves and others and building resiliency. Mindfulness practices are essential to social and emotional wellbeing and academic success.

Weekly and Monthly sessions offered

Pricing based on number of students and quantity of sessions

Please call or email for more information.

Schools we have worked with:

Robert J. Lister Academy, Portsmouth, NH 
Student background:
Identified as adolescents at risk due to behavioral, emotional or learning challenges. Grades 9-12. Students may have experienced some form of trauma. Students may experience anxiety, depression, ADHD, low self esteem and self worth.

Sessions offered: Fall Nature and Mindfulness Sessions to a group of 8 students. More sessions to follow Spring of 2023! 
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